FaMe-net (a merger of the Transition Project and Continuous Morbidity Registration Nijmegen) aims to formally characterize and describe the domain of international family practice based on episode oriented epidemiology, using ICPC as its ordering principle, and ICD-10 as its nomenclature.

The foundation aims to make a significant and innovative contribution to education and research to improve the quality of general practice care by registering systematically and uniformly from all presented morbidity, according to information from direct and indirect patient contacts.

There is a specific focus on the evolution of morbidity, the influence of the medical act this morbidity, and the context of the individual patient.


The project focuses on the following areas:

  • collection / analysis of comprehensive, longitudinal, episode based data dehuisartsgeneeskunde;
  • development of the rules governing the comparison of international family medicine data;
  • development of a reliable and feasible ICPC ICD-10 conversion, and the development and implementation of an alphabetic ICPC ICD-10 thesaurus (in several languages) for use in electronic patient records (EPR) in family medicine;
  • development and refinement of a state of the art EPR, leaving the detailed coding of morbidity and health care, and facilitating transmural communication specialists;
  • development of conversions between ICPC and other classifications, nomenclatures and glossaries that are relevant to general practice, such Snomed CT;
  • analysis and standardization of prescribing in general practice;
  • the development fo r a basic set of indicators, determinants encoded with the ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health)


The foundation seeks to achieve its goal, including by:

  • Providing information and intelligence to participating physicians, patients, researchers and other interested parties about purpose and procedures of the foundation;
  • Advising on the use of patient-related data;
  • Advising on the use of the foundation made available data and information;
  • The potential to attract researchers in order using the foundation collected files additionally, do retrospective or prospective studies;
  • Transhis as a tool to provide possession of the foundation and the development of a registration network.

TransHis is an Electronic Patient Record for use in primary care. TransHis was specially developed for the Transition Project. More about TransHis.
The set of data is achieved by making use of the ICPC (International Classification of Primary Care) as the organizing principle and the ICD as the nomenclature in episode-based epidemiology.
Project leader

Former project leaders

  • Prof. Dr. H. Lamberts (vanaf 1984 tot 2005, † 27 december 2008).
  • Dr. I.M. Okkes (vanaf 1992 tot 2005).